Class Descriptions

Level 1 – Great for Beginning Partner Dance Students

Beginning Level classes are great for anyone looking to learn or refresh their knowledge of the basics. Students may want to repeat the beginning level before moving on to the Beginning/Intermediate level if they do not have a complete understanding of the material covered.

Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba and Merengue are all good starter classes for new dancers. All four styles teach timing and the concept of putting patterns to music while learning to lead or follow.

East Coast Swing is a circular rotating dance with many turns and wraps. Susan teaches this dance in three rhythms: slow, medium, and fast (single, triple, 4 count). This is a good dance for a beginning level dancer who likes rhythmic music. If you take Beginning East Coast and can execute all the patterns in all three rhythms, you then would be ready to advance to the Beginning/Intermediate level.

Level 2 – Second Semester Partner Dance Students

Beginning/Intermediate Level is a continuation of a Beginning class. Not a class for first time dancers.

Nite Club Two Step is a slow contemporary flowing and romantic dance that is a good complement to Swing. This dance can be done to all styles of music. Though not the most difficult it is recommended as a second or third term class.

Cha Cha and Salsa both called the Latin Swing and are more difficult and less suitable for your first experience in partner dance. The rhythm to these dances is faster and harder to pick up. Susan personally loves Latin music and dance, and thinks that if you have honed your basic skills, (Lead/Follow and Frame) these are wonderful dances to add to your repertoire.

Country 2-Step is a traveling dance with one turn after another so a dancer needs to love Country music and turning to enjoy this dance.

Level 3 – After 6 Months Partner Dance Experience

Intermediate level will build on skills and patterns learned in the lower levels.

West Coast Swing is a sophisticated, though difficult, Swing dance. Considered a slot dance, its rhythm is based on the same timing as Triple Rhythm East Coast Swing therefore making it much easier to learn once you have mastered East Coast Swing.  West Coast Swing is very smooth, intricate, playful and interactive. A challenging dance that is lots of fun once learned.

3 Count Hustle is also a slot dance done to fast Swing music with a heavy base beat (Disco.)

Level 4 – One Year of Partner Dance Experience

American Tango is considered the dancer’s dance. You must be an accomplished dancer in timing, closed dance position, intricate footwork to execute this dance.

Mambo and Samba are both fast Latin dances with difficult timing but if you love Latin music they are a must to learn.

Viennese Waltz is one of the fastest Ballroom dances. Easiest learned once you have mastered Waltz.

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