Do I need a partner?

No, by requiring preregistration, an even ratio of students per class can be maintained. A vital aspect of social dance is learning to dance with many different partners. By rotating, you will have an opportunity to dance with everyone in class.

Can I get a refund if I miss a lesson?

If you need miss a lesson please call Susan in advance at (503)221-3083 to allow time for a substitute to be called in for the night. Refunds are not available for missed lessons and class fees will not be pro-rated.

How many students are in a class?

Due to an overwhelming interest in partner dancing, classes fill up quickly. Early registration will secure a spot in your desired class.

Who will I be dancing with?

Social dance appeals to a wide variety of people: young, old, singles, couples, novices, hobbyists, generally nice people exploring new ways of personally enriching their lives.

What if I have “two left feet”?

Fear not, Lefty! Many people feel the same way. A good place to start would be with a slow-tempo dance such as Fox Trot, Waltz or Rumba to help build the basic elements of partner dance (lead, follow, timing, frame, footwork, etc.). Repeating levels will help you develop your skills and add to your fun.

What should I wear?

Comfortable and casual clothing, but most important is your footwear. Leather-soled lace-up shoes are preferable. Many dance styles involve turns, and a thin leather or suede sole facilitates a smooth turn. Tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes grip the floor and will strain the knees. Avoid clogs, Birkenstocks, sandals, slip-ons that will slip off, restrictive clothing, big belt buckles and bulky jewelry.

If I am feeling nervous, will a drink help?

Trying a new activity can produce some degree of nervousness, and almost everyone is a little anxious at first. Once you start dancing your confidence will build and those nervous feelings will subside. Alcohol impairs motor skills, memory and judgment. Your instructor and classmates will thank you for refraining.

The many benefits of dancing are increased self-confidenceexercisebroadening social circles and just good fun! Come enjoy the experience of learning social dance. Ready to register for a class? If you have any questions please contact me!